Ok my husband finally got home after a 14 hour day. Finally my night can begin.  Nigh-Night tumblr.

kopite10 replied to your post “Imagine this, Skippy… just IMAGINE if you had twin girls… now that you are finishing imagining that scenario, dare I ask if you’ll name them Elsa and Anna?”

I can see a convo happening: “So, girls… your mother writes Disney incestuous lesbian smut” Daughter 1: “…………” Daughter 2: “…………” You: “……………..”

Yeah.  ”Oh and little Elsa, I used to be sexually attracted to the character you’re named after.  So yeah.  Congratulations.”

My awesome new beta not only got my chapter back to me in 24 hours but went back and beta’d the last two chapters without me even asking. *crying tears of joy*

Anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say. With You gives me hope for my own future and it fills me with such a ridiculous amount of joy I can't even start to describe it. Sorry, just had to fangirl there for a sec :3



Oh gosh, thank you!  I hope it give people joy.  I really never thought people would get into this story the way they have because in the beginning people just couldn’t see past the pregnancy and I was even told pregnant Elsa was “not attractive.” 

Pregnant Elsa is my favorite part. I think she’s beautiful. Well, she’d be beautiful no matter what. Not only that, but you’ve captured their personalities to a T. Seriously. This is my favorite fic ever. You keep doing how you do!

kopite10 replied to your post “Is this story making you want kids more now?”

Any nieces/nephews to help stave off the baby fever? I’m just gonna rub this in :P I’m currently holding my 4month old niece and she’s the 4th out of my niece/nephew brood

Oh gosh how cute!  I do have plenty of access to adorable kids but that doesn’t help.  My goddaughters are all obsessed with Frozen and they’re all so cute.  I’m an only child and my brother in law doesn’t have kids yet.  I didn’t feel like I was ready until recently but we’ll see.  I’m still young :)

el-sauna-fjords asked:

Is this story making you want kids more now?

I’ve always wanted kids and honestly I am only waiting until my student loans are paid off in January.  I feel like I’ll be at a good point and ready by then maybe.  And this story and the movie are NOT helping and give me major baby fever.  Whenever I watch the ballroom scene when Elsa and Anna are little it make me want girls so bad.