Anonymous asked:

First of all, please excuse me if my grammar isn't perfect. English is not my native language. But, ok, here it goes Since Frozen came out, I've been in love of Elsa. Srsly, I've been having doubts about my sexuality from the moment I saw her. But, I've been more in love of her since I read "With You". You make her so adorable, but so vulnerable at the same time. The whole story feels real to me. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece, this wonderful and beautiful story with us. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Oh thank you! I love Elsa and I hope I’ve done her nothing but justice in my fic. And yes, she has the power to make people question their sexuality, not just ice and snow powers. Thank you for all your kind words nonnie! :P

littlemisskopite10 asked:

Norway 1-0 France, no one messes with a Viking! You write jealous!Elsa the best, that was absolutely hilarious! You should write her more often, haha. My heart cannot handle any more Lilly fluff, I am about to keel over from it all. The way you write those three as a family is absolutely perfect and spot on and I cannot stop a smiling like an idiot when I read those scenes :D I'm very anxious but looking forward to what you do next for Elsa and Agdar. I have a feeling there's gonna be a surprise

Well all the unanswered questions will be answered. Catharsis will be reached for sure. I love writing them as a family. They’re so cute! And nobody messes with Norway.

let-it-geaux asked:

Perfect chapter was perfect. It had everything! I especially loved the scene at the end when Anna and Lilly in bed with Lilly between them. Your descriptions of how she's growing make me smile. Well done, Skip. A truly dynamite chapter. I loved jealous Elsa, selfless Anna, Tiana singing one of my favorite songs, adorable Lilly and everything! This story keeps getting better and better!

I tried to think what a girl from NOLA would sing to a baby and that came to mind first. A lot of people where asking for jealous Elsa and I always had it planned for when they went out on their first post baby date and she was a bit more vulnerable. Glad you liked it!