I accidentally deleted it but to the anon who asked, yes I plan on doing a prompt about the in vitro procedure. But you’ll have to wait and see if it’s the one for Elsa or Anna. I smell drama.

I’m looking through my deleted scenes for With You: PPF and they’re mostly smut. Oh well. I don’t think too many people will be complaining.

let-it-geaux asked:

No but seriously, I need to stop. I have one more. Because I love angst. What about one where they lose Lilly? For a couple of minutes or a half hour or something? I'm horrible! Or you could do one of their bedtime routine with infant or school-aged Lilly. Going to bed now and letting other people have a turn.

Oh the losing of the child! I love love love this! I’m a bad person for loving this but from a writer’s point of view there’s some good stuff to work with there.

Anonymous asked:

This silly compliment anon would like to wish you a happy Labor day and remind you that you are a wholeheartedly beautiful and strong woman who isn't afraid to stand up and help others. *cue blushing* You are incredibly generous, charming, patient, thoughtful and kind-hearted. No wonder your husband wanted to steal you while you were young ;)

Oh my gosh compliment anon.  I’ve been reduced to a puddle of tears, happy tears.  I may print this out, frame it, and put it on my nightstand.  You are so sweet :)

kopite10 asked:

So instead of doing my uni work last night and this morning, I started re-reading With You and I'm just utterly floored at how your writing, your character and plot development matured to the point of perfection. You can totally tell that you've become comfortable writing it. You've become one with this story and you know everything about it like the back of your hand, I reckon it's gotta be really hard to top that feeling of wholeness as an author! :)

You are too sweet, and right.  I look back at chapter one and think wow, I’ve come a long way.  But that’s exactly why I wanted to start with a warm up fic and ended up becoming bigger than I ever thought it would.  I keep trying to push myself to get better with each chapter so it’s sooooo nice to hear that you noticed.  I do love the story and feel like it’s easy to write because I know the characters so well now.  That’s what makes it hard to end and start a new one.  I started writing Elsa and Anna in my new fic already and it’s weird to write two different versions.  Married Elsanna is now my favorite to write but I’m having fun writing them just meeting too.